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Thank You

Thank You

It’s finally come to the end of the Squiddles Charity Exhibition in the memory of my beautiful girlfriend, Emma Wilkinson. It’s been a tough few months, from the passing of Emma to organising the event and now it’s come to a close.

I just wanted to do some thank you’s and to let everybody know how successful we were raising money for terminally ill children and their families to make the final few months/years together that extra bit more special. We’ve done SO well raising nearly ?2,000 in such a short amount of time, I’m truly overwhelmed by the response to the exhibition and to Emma passing away.

I’d like to thank the following people for all there help and support throughout everything.
I have a lot of thank you’s but these are the main few to do with the Exhibition.

Linn Froding from Walrus bar, letting us use the bar to host the exhibition, she even fed us yummy food on the night and over all did a cracking job at helping me pull the show together!

Chris Thornley (Source Creative) for donating every penny for the prints which you all purchased over the past few months!

Rik Penny from Ripe Digital for printing such super, amazing prints which everyone has commented on due to how brilliant they are! Superb work!

Mark from One69A Screen printers who donated the screen printed T-Shirts for the exhibition night and for the web store!

Jenny Woodworth from Oh Crumbs Cupcakes who provided truly amazing, tasty cupcakes for the exhibition! They went down super well!

Fran Pearce for all the PR work, advertising and help with Emma passing away! A lovely lady indeed and cracking at what she does!

Vinyl Abuse for the smashing write up about the exhibition, so many people have contacted me because they saw the exhibition on the website, so a huge thank you!

Gavin Hoffman who created the superb Squiddles website and the support throughout everything! As well as battling 1&1 for me! Ha!

Every single fantastic illustrator involved with the exhibition!

The Tree House Press
Gavin Strange
Ben The Illustrator
Matt Taylor
Aaron Miller
Yema Yema

They all did a super amazing job on each piece they created! I couldn’t have asked more from such a great bunch of illustrators and a cracking set of friends.

A special thank you to Jake Ivill (ILoveEdna) and his parents/family for their support throughout everything, not only did Jake create a brilliant piece of work but he’s helped set up the exhibition, take my mind off the shit times but also kept me sane! A huge thanks to Jake & his family!

TADO for all their help and support through Emma being in hospital, they were so kind as to send her gifts for her to wake up too! Signed postcards, doodles and lots of love! They’re super kind, awesome people, thanks guys!

Another special thank you to Aaron Miller who helped out a lot during the exhibition, but also during the horrible times of Emma being in hospital and throughout her passing away. He’s such a lovely guy and helped out a lot, thank you!

Again, another very special thank you to Sarah Miskelly (Lunabee) for her help throughout, her very kind messages as well as the superb custom toy she painted originally for Emma which sits proudly by a photo of myself and Emma. She’s been a huge help and a great friend, thank you!

There are a ton of people to thank but I know a lot of people won’t read all of this blog post, but you all know who you are who made this happen, you’ve all been wonderful people and I’ve made some cracking friends over the past few months.

A big thanks to Emma’s Family and friends for their support throughout everything, they’ve become a second family to me now, Emma’s parents and sister are all amazing people and really didn’t deserve what has happened but through this exhibition, we’ve all remembered the good times with Emma and how special she was to us all.

Also a thank you to my family, who’s been the best family in the world, I can’t put into words how special they all are and how much they’ve been their for me.

As my mum said, their has been too many tears throughout this, the exhibition was a night to remember how great Emma was and to remember the good times.

I’m gonna close now on this final note. Again, a thank you to every single one of you, whether you’ve sent me a message saying you’re sorry to hear about Emma passing, you’ve bought a print, you’ve sent me gifts, you’ve been there for me or you’ve just been a shoulder to cry on, thank you. I’m so sorry if I missed somebody off from the list! Theirs too many of you! You’ve all been fantastic, I can’t thank you enough.

Look out for the new Squiddles Brand which will be released soon which will be in the memory of Emma and each year we shall be holding a charity exhibition for the Francis House Hospice to keep Emma going through the brand.

Thank you all, Good night x

best custom t shirt website

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