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Vintage Colorado T Shirt

vintage colorado t shirt

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    t shirt
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Adidas Colorado hooded top

Adidas Colorado hooded top

Just about all of these 80's Adidas Colorado hoodies in this colourway have been destroyed by that Victorian torture implement known as a clothes iron.
This one survives however pristine in real life.
I'm just trying to get the best lighting angles here to show fabric detail. I didn't do very well trying to preserve the lustful sheen due to the lighting angle.
Best compromise was found using even cast lighting. With the source direction from the top of the frame at a low angle. Hopefully, that should correspond with overhead daylight in Second Life.
Hood drawcords were tucked out of the way as these would be rendered in Second Life from Flexi Prims.
Part Step ladders at the bottom left, me top right, on tiptoes I think.



Flower's 1957 BMW Isetta with E.T. Jr., wearing a fashionable "Chapulin Colorado" T-shirt.
Saturday August 14th, 2010.

vintage colorado t shirt

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